The Curious Creamery

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Founded by New Direction Foods, The Curious Creamery was created in an effort to find a way to commercialize ice cream and frozen desserts without the carbon footprint normally associated with these products. The founders started out working on a social enterprise in Thailand in Southeast Asia helping bring healthier products to these underserved communities. The Curious Creamery Ice Cream Mix was developed when it became apparent that the environmental impact and health impact of traditional ice cream manufacturing was very detrimental to that part of the world. This product was designed not only to cut the carbon footprint but to combine good and better-for-you products that could be produced locally using fresh healthy ingredients.

The Curious Creamery Team

As the business expanded the founders brought the company to the US in an effort to provide consumers with a healthier option and more control over the food and their frozen desserts in North America. By creating a simple inexpensive way to create healthier, more fun and more personalized frozen treats The Curious Creamery is helping consumers improve their health and make products that fit their individual tastes.

The Curious Creamery brand is a labor of love – for premium quality ice cream, any way you like it, without all the funny extra ingredients you can’t pronounce. We recognize that when it comes to frozen desserts, one size does not fit all. That’s why we’re proud to lead the next evolution in the category by allowing consumers to create their own unique flavor combinations, from sinfully decadent to better-for-you blends – whatever your heart desires! Our award-winning founders have extensive industry experience and are committed to innovating the dessert category with delicious offerings that are not only easy to make, but nutritionally superior, of the highest quality and socially responsible.

Jareer M. Abu-Ali, PhD

Jareer M. Abu-Ali, PhD
Founder & CEO
Award winning researcher and executive with some of the world’s biggest food companies, Dr. Abu-Ali has developed and managed products with a combined sales volume of over $1.3 Billion. 

Ron P. Tan, MBA

Ron P. Tan, MBA
VP Business Development
Global sales and marketing executive building and leading international marketing teams for global companies in foods and business services.